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Consider the following “season” involving a total of 8 games among 5 different teams, as described in the paper.



Game 1: Team A defeated Team C               Game 2: Team A defeated Team E


Game 3: Team B defeated Team A               Game 4: Team B defeated Team E


Game 5: Team C defeated Team D               Game 6: Team C defeated Team E


Game 7: Team D defeated Team E                Game 8: Team D defeated Team E



We will assign numeric id’s to the five teams as A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4 and E=5.


The R code below will rank the five teams based on the season above.  Simply paste all of the red code into R to run.


#David Mease 2006 



#the code below runs my simple example

#to run for different data, simply edit only the variables number_of_teams, number_of_games and input_matrix




#note: if you have an extra collect-all team for all non-Division 1A teams as I do for real data

#then this single team *should* count as 1 toward the total numbers of teams

#and it should be treated as a regular team throughout






#the input matrix has two columns and one row for each game

#the first column is team id for the winner of the game and the second column is the team id for the loser

#the team id's should begin with 1 and be sequential

#for those of you familiar with R, you could instead create a data file containing

#this information and read it in using read.table or read.csv











#the data matrix has one column for each team and one row for each game

#the column for the winner of each game has a 1 and the column for the loser has a negative 1

#the data matrix is created from the input matrix automatically by this code so

#you only need to modify the input matrix




for (i in 1:number_of_games) {





for (i in 1:(number_of_teams)) {

  #every team beats the virtual team exactly once


  #every team losses to the virtual team exactly once








The essential part of the output from R is:


              Estimate  Std. Error  z value  Pr(>|z|)

data_matrix1   0.2615     0.6489     0.403    0.687

data_matrix2   0.5813     0.7468     0.778    0.436

data_matrix3   0.1519     0.6423     0.237    0.813

data_matrix4  -0.0411     0.6634    -0.062    0.951

data_matrix5  -0.9732     0.6697    -1.453    0.146



The five values in the “Estimate” column are used to rank the five teams:


Team           Theta            Rank

 A            .2615            2nd

 B            .5813            1st (Best)

 C            .1519            3rd                          

 D           -.0411            4th

 E           -.9732            5th (Worst)